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 Planning a trip?  Good for you!  Please let us know, in advance, if you plan to use your credit or debit card outside of this general area.  We will notify our fraud detection service of your plans and you can avoid having your card use interrupted.  We are focused on joining a high level of card security with the convenience of advanced technology.  Enjoy your trip with confidence by remembering to contact us before you leave.  Have fun and thank you for your business! 

Welcome to Teton Banks

Teton Banks is a combination of the best of local community banking. We have been locally owned and family operated for approximately 100 years. We serve an agricultural corridor that runs north and south along the east slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Offices are located in Fairfield, Choteau, and the Sun River Valley and are within easy driving distance of Great Falls in one direction, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Glacier Park in the other. We are truly geographically blessed!

We are a full service community based regional bank with multiple facilities and all types of card services including credit, debit and ATM. We also offer all types of residential mortgage products. Our specialty is agricultural lending and President Mike Johnson states, “We are an ag bank, pure and simple. We are proud of that heritage at all times! Rural America, more specifically the farms, ranches, and small businesses in our area are full of good people that we can call our customers and, more importantly, our friends.”

Our staff is experienced and professional and they contribute to the market area in which they reside. This is a “REAL” community bank that realizes that customers do not bank with banks but do business with bankers. If you don’t know banking then bank where you know your banker!!


Teton Banks! A Real Bank-Serving Real People-In Real Communities!!